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The products differ mainly in the duration and therefore adapt perfectly to your requirements

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Basis Duration
No restriction
12 months
  Number of applicants (Standard)
Volume Packages Volume packages links
  Volume packages applicants
$10 / additional applicant*
Licenses Single link
  User license (per month)
Chat Individual chat setting
  Multilingual chat
$6 / language
$66 / language
Chat Personalisation Selection of avatars (m/f)
  Selection of avatar voices (m/f)
  Individual welcome text
  Own logo
  Standard chat – terms and conditions
  Individual chat – terms and conditions
  Media Link
  QR-Code Generator
Application inbound Applications per mail (pdf)
  Overview in web-based administration
Functionality Templates for different media
  Integration into candidate management system
Individual solution
Individual solution
  QR-code ads printing (Partner)
System | Administration User administration
  Data export
  Feed – mass imports

* Payment only after company has viewed as well as accepted the application

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